So I am toying with the idea of learning how to do social media. I know welcome to the 21st century. I feel like I have been hearing that for a while now, so “Your welcome world, I hear you loud and clear.”

I took an online class by the brilliant Crystal Stine about creating social media art. It was hard, and it was hard because, well, I am not social media savvy, or technology savvy, or pretty much savvy about anything (I still have a flip phone with a keyboard…I know, you wish you were like me). But it was really fun to learn that there are lots of ways to create media using items at your disposal and there are some great free online programs to help you. Did I mention that they are free? Sign me up!

Anyhow, so I took the class, and while I wish I was way more advanced than I currently am (today’s image took over 2 hours to create…don’t ask) it was really fun and I learned a lot, which let’s face it, that’s a check in the win column.

However, what do I do now? (Side note: I like to ask myself lots of philosophical questions and hope the answer comes). BING! now that I am writing again I thought why not use what I learned and come up with a cool title and post something weekly? (technically I am borrowing this awesome idea from Brittany, but I assume she is flattered so I’ll keep going)

Disclaimer: I understand that the title I choose is not the most creative or “cool” but I have to work with what I got. I gladly accept any and all suggestions from you dear reader…I’m talking to you Linda.

So today begins what I hope will be a regular thing, me posting words of wisdom from quotes, Scripture, books, stuff my nephew says (wait that’s technically a quote right?), etc. that I have somehow managed to make pretty and postable. Even if this just becomes an exercise in futility, maybe it will push me to write more.

Also I should note that going forward, I don’t plan on using so many words for these posts…feels like it is fairly self explanatory without my narration.

PP Day 15